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    BT Classic Multiple SPP + BT 5.0


      Hi Everyone,


      In one of my product i use Bluetooth to connect network master with few slaves (piconet). For last few years i used to use LMX9830 but its rather old and has few

      disadvantages. There are two types of slaves in my network:


      1. devices which work continuously delivering stream of data
      2. devices which generate short events

      LMX9830 has problem with second type because its buffers architecture delay events from 10ms to 30ms. I hope, that BT 5.0 with its Low Energy can better handle this type of communication but i still need SPP working parallelly for first type of devices and because of backward compatibility.


      Is Cypress has any product fulfil my needs?


      I was thinking about CYW20719 but i found this: 20719 Multiple Simultaneous SPP Sessions


      Could you advise me something?


      Best Regards