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    Blink LED using PWM

      I am a Japanese student.


      I want to let to blink 3 colors LED using PWM control.


      Please tell me!


      I can't speak English very wall.



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          You might want to take a look at this thread: Re: How to turn on LED

          userc_3711 figured out how to make this work.


          Unfortunately, we do not make this easy for the beginner.

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            Thank you!


            And where should I see to get information of process writing a program on WICED-Smart-SDK?

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              I think below blog would help your understanding.

              WICED Smart User's Guide

              <WICED-Smart-SDK>/Apps/pwm_tones sample application controls buzzer on the EVB through PWM.

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                Hello, here is an example of what you can do.

                Include Library

                #include "pwm.h"
                #include "gpiodriver.h"

                Define Macros

                #define LED_RED    26  /* PWM 0 */
                #define LED_BLUE   27  /* PWM 1 */
                #define LED_GREEN  28  /* PWM 2 */
                #define GPIO_PORT(x)  (x/16)
                #define GPIO_PIN(x)   (x%16)
                #define ENABLE_LED_RED    PWM0_OUTPUT_ENABLE_P26
                #define ENABLE_LED_BLUE   PWM1_OUTPUT_ENABLE_P27
                #define ENABLE_LED_GREEN  PWM2_OUTPUT_ENABLE_P28
                #define LED_RED_CHANNEL      (PWM0)
                #define LED_BLUE_CHANNEL     (PWM1)
                #define LED_GREEN_CHANNEL    (PWM2)

                     Note: depending on which chip you are using, the GPIO Pins might change

                Enable LED

                     // enable
                     gpio_configurePin(GPIO_PORT(LED_RED), GPIO_PIN(LED_RED), ENABLE_LED_RED, 0); 
                     pwm_start( LED_RED_CHANNEL, LHL_CLK, 0x000 , 0);
                     // pwm_start( id, clk, toggleCount, initCount);
                     // Output Voltage  | Toggle Count (Found these values by trial & error)
                     // --------------------------------------------
                     // ~ (4/4) V_MAX  |    0x000
                     // ~ (3/4) V_MAX  |    0x100
                     // ~ (2/4) V_MAX  |    0x210
                     // ~ (1/4) V_MAX  |    0x315


                     Note: depending on the hardware configuration, the V_MAX may change

                Disable LED

                // disable
                     gpio_configurePin(GPIO_PORT(LED_RED), GPIO_PIN(LED_RED), DISABLE_LED_GPIO, 0);
                     pwm_disableChannel( 1 << LED_RED_CHANNEL );




                BCM2073XS GPIO Basics

                How to turn on LED

                Different Frequencies for PWM