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    Malfunctioning BLE Pioneer Board? Most LEDs not worknig, only the RED RGB does.


      Hi there,


      Just started to try out the PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Board (Rev11). Unfortunately the green and blue LED of LED5 (RGB, top right side) and its below LEDs LED8 (orange) and LED9 (red) doesn't look like they work.The reason why I don't think that I a doing something totally wrong is, because the RED LED of the RGB LED does work!


      Having gone through PSoc 6 101: Lesson 1-1 to 1-4 using the simplest example on which a pwm signal drives the red led (of the RGB) and let it blink with a frequency of 1 Hz (this works fine as expected). Now simply assign this "RED" signal from P0_3 to e.g. P11_1 that is the blue LED of LED5 (RGB) (check out Schematics https://www.cypress.com/file/420836/download - Sheet 11), the red LED of course stops blinking but no blue light occurs! I can do that with the other mentioned LEDs where it is the same.


      Below you can find more or less the entire project. So what is wrong? (On that below I did connect all RGB LEDs on the same PWM so this should result in a white blinking light... still blinking red.


      Thanks for any response.

      Cheers Nik



      PSoC6 1.PNGPSoC6 2.PNGPSoC6 3.PNG