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    Cypress Linux WiFi (FMAC) git repo (Broken)


      Hey Guys,


      According to this old document written by PrasanthK_06, Cypress use to have a git repo setup for the brcm80211 patchset:


      List of Kernel patches - FMAC


      However, that server looks to be now dead, has Cypress moved this somewhere else?


      git clone --verbose --progress git://git-iot.aus.cypress.com/wiced/hnd/brcm/linux/brcm80211.git
      Cloning into 'brcm80211'...
      Looking up git-iot.aus.cypress.com ... fatal: unable to look up git-iot.aus.cypress.com (port 9418) (Name or service not known)


      Currently we are using Chi-HsienL_21 2020-01-15 release Cypress Linux WiFi Driver Release (FMAC) [2020-01-15] , however i'm not really looking forward to again forward porting that 154 patch-set from my v4.19.x version to v5.4.x..