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    suggestions for doing blog articles for PSOC 5/PSOC Creator?


      I am thinking about writing blog articles highlighting the PSOC 5.    These articles would be beginner to intermediate, and reflect what I've struggled with and learned.


      I would like to hear suggestions on how or where to do this.  It would be nice if I could submit to an existing system.    I expect to write something about every 2 weeks or so. I use a Mac, so it would be centered around using Virtual Machines, and tricks and techniques when using things like a Mac.


      Topics would be general software design principles, A/D, D/A, EEPROM, FreeRTOS, designing with FreeRTOS, using the USB with Mac (and sometimes windows), etc.  Also, using with external processors such as the ESP32-WROOM, etc. 


      The example hardware will be the CY8CKit-059, so it will be inexpensive for someone to use and follow along.


      At the beginning, I am not looking for compensation, so that is not a concern.  (I won't reject compensation, but it is not my primary goal.)


      This will be a first in the blog arena.  I have published a computer book, and have written articles for magazines in the past, so I understand what I am signing up for.


        comments anyone?  (Even negative comments are welcome! My skin is thick, and I know I am an idiot. <grin>)