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    PSOC and MIPI I3C?


      I recently stumbled upon the relatively new serial bus named I3C or "improved I2c".


      The definition is located at the mipi.

      See for example MIPI I3C and I3C Basic

      Other info on wikipedia: I3C (bus) - Wikipedia


      This seems like a very promising improvement over I2C.

      The flexibility of PSOCs would lend itself very favorably towards an actual implementation on real hardware.

      But a search on I3C in the forums and the official website of Cypress returned nothing.


      Are there any plans to include an I3C Master and Slave module to the Cypress Component Catalog for any PSOCs (not just PSOC 6)?

      Has anybody perhaps already implemented a working demo for an I3C Master or slave?

      If yes, how many resources were used, what is the max speed etc?




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          Hi Jepo_1273536,


          Currently, none of our devices support I3C protocol. Currently, we are evaluating on how we can support this protocol in our future devices. We will announce when we have support for this protocol in the future.


          Thank you for your interest in Cypress products.




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