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    SPI flash with BCM943362WCD4[_ext]




      I'm trying to get my external SPI flash to work on the BCM943362WCD4 platform.


      My first test was to try the new BCM943362WCD4_ext platform, the README says:


      This platform is identical to the BCM943362WCD4 platform except that the

      WLAN firmware and all other resource files are placed in a WicedFS filesystem

      in external SPI flash. This allows more internal flash space for apps.

      I just launched it (download run) and I can see that a file system is created ("Creating Filesystem") but it doesn't look like the filesystem.bin is uploaded on the device at all.

      So when I run my application without the Wi-Fi firmware in the STM32 flash, I get a "wicedfs init fail".

      How can I download the Wi-Fi firmware on an external SPI flash ? Is there any resource explaining how to use an external  SPI flash ? I'm getting confused with the internal DCT of the chip and the DCT stored on an external SPI flash.

      Thank you very much.