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    Write custom FW update tool for FX3




      I'm trying to write my custom FW update tool for FX3 based on example app for Visual studio.

      Particularly, I want to provide visual progress bar displaying current progress of burning I2C EEPROM.


      Here are some things that aren't quite clear for me so I'll be glad to get help:


      1) CyAPI.h contains class "CCyFX3Device" but only DownloadFW() and IsBootLoaderRunning() methods are documented. What about all other methods?

      e.g. DownloadBufferToDevice?

      2) "CCyFX3Device" extends class "CCyUSBDevice". Which of its methods are used for DownloadFW()? Can I get the source of  DownloadFW?

      3) Can I get the sources of CyBootProgrammer.img?