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    Bluetooth Mesh using CYW920820EVB-02




      I have successfully build the light dimmable application by CYW920820EVB-02. In this case three boards were used as three bulbs and one board as dimmer. I used mesh controller app as provisioner. In this application the dimmer could control the dimmable bulbs and we could control the bulbs separately by the mesh controller app. Now I want to build an application in which each board will have access of other boards separately. Is there a possible way I can build this kind of app by 820 boards? If yes, can you please guide me with the procedure? It will also be fine if there is some in built app in 820 board which provides this kind of connection. I have attached an image of the type of connection I want to make.Screenshot (101).png

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          Hi Rahul Das,


          "Now I want to build an application in which each board will have access of other boards separately" -> I did not get your project aim properly.


          20820 supports mesh stack. You can proceed.


          Dimmer is a client application which is an implementation of mesh_level_client model. Light_dimmable is a server application which is an implementation of mesh_light_lightness_server model and it's dependent models. You can create application which serves as both server and client by defining multiple elements (provided it should be aligned to SIG mesh spec).


          SIG mesh works on publish - subscribe paradigm. Which means mesh packets published by a mesh node is available for all other nodes. But the packet will be useful for a particular node or a particular group of nodes which are subscribed to the publish address. Also, receiving nodes should have correct network,app, and device IDs also.


          Please go through the mesh spec.https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/mesh-specifications/

          Please check snip/mesh applications. It contains many mesh apps which implements basic mesh models.




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