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    Question about CY4532 for 100W(20V/5A) Power Sink




      I want to use 100W(20V/5A) as Power Sink using CY4532. In this case, if they refer to "5.2 Power Bank of CY4532 Kit Guide.pdf, i believe that it can be realized by changing only PDO( No ned VCONN enable), and The FW wants to use CY4532's CYPD3171-24LQXQ_pb_3_1_2_1511_0_0_0_pb.cyacd as a reference FW.

      But, please let us know if you have any precautions for operatings as 100W(20V/5A).


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          Hello Arai-san,


          Yes, it is possible that CY4532 works as a sink with changing Sink PDO. No HW modification is required for CY4532.


          ・Regarding the FW:

          Although you can use "CYPD3171-24LQXQ_pb_3_1_2_1511_0_0_0_pb.cyacd" FW, it is not latest version.

          As of Jan 2020, CCGx Power SDK latest version is SDK 3.4 and latest FW for CYPD3171 Power Bank design is "CYPD3171-24LQXQ_pb_3_4_0_2274_0_0_0_pb". We always recommend the customer to use latest one.

          This is what I explained earlier to you in Japanese. About EZ-PD Analyzer Utility log for CY4532(CCG3PA)


          ・Regarding the points to achieve 100W sink:

          Please check if the Power Source can supply 100W (20V/5A). Also, please check the Type-C cable has EMCA as well.


          ・For your information:

          I will attach configuration settings in order to achieve 20V/5A contract. Also, log is included in the zip file.

          My tested environment is that: [CY4531 (CCG3) Power Source] --[EMCA Type-C cable] -- [CY4532 (CCG3PA) Power sink]


          Best regards,

          Hirotaka Takayama