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    PSoC5 low-power / sleep mode management


      Hi all,


      this is my first post on this community, and I hope to don't be trivial! :-D


      I'm developing a new sensor-based board, power-supplied by a battery that have to last at least 1 year.

      I made some calculations, and I discovered that the only way to obtain this is to set the PSoC in a low-power mode.

      This low power mode should be disabled 1 time each hour, by an external interrupt (like from BLE module) or from the internal RTC, because the board have to collect datas from all the sensors (I2C-wired) and then, after a few seconds, it have to return in low power mode again.


      The question is: how can I do this?

      How can I manage these low-power modes?

      Many thanks and best regards,