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    Regulatory Domain / Country Code

      Dear All,

      what is the "best practice" to use a WIFI Applikation in several Countries? Our application is in an appliance control and will be used all over Europe and in some places outside Europe. During production and programming it is not clear in which country the control will be sold. Is there any setup of country code that can be used in a wide range of countries at least for the first start.

      Must the application in any case supply a mechanism to adjust Country Code in the field?

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          Hi userc_20890


          Maybe you could ask the user to do an initial setup. You possibly can get the geographical info from the user.

          Hope I got your questions right.


          Best Regards,


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            We could of course ask for an initial setting of country code from the user or manufacturer, but we would prefer to be able to sell products which detect the country, perhaps by scanning and seeing what country codes the APs are sending out.  Then we would use that country code.  Is there any way to set the firmware to do that, or to get the country code included in the scan results or to read the country codes from scan results separately?

            If country code XX is used, it seems to satisfy most or all countries regulations, but does not connect to 11n-only APs.  Is there a reason for that?  Is 11n not legal in some areas?  Could the firmware send 11n if it receives 11n while the country code is XX?




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              I'm told that APs set in 802-11.n-only mode are not WMA compliant and should not be used in compliance tests. So, maybe no STA should be required to connect to such an AP. 


              Still, we would like more guidance on how to set the country code to work everywhere, and pass certification tests everywhere, like most phones and laptops seem to be able to do without configuration by the user.

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                Your phone and tablet first time power on will  ask where are your country!

                And SIM card if exist also include country information (Phone Operator)!

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                  So, does that mean that country code XX should not be used?


                  Is it absolutely required to set the country code by asking the user?   Isn't there a better way for STA mode at least? 


                  I can understand for AP mode, maybe, but since we use AP mode as the interface to do Wi-Fi setup, we need an international mode for AP mode.


                  I think I heard that having the end-user set the country code was not allowed in the US as it allows the end-user to operate the device in a non-compliant way. 


                  I don't remember ever setting the country code on a phone or laptop, but maybe I did.

                  Also, maybe the SIM card has the info, as you say, although I can also use a phone without a SIM card (Wi-Fi only).

                  I can also move my phone from one country to another.  What keeps it compliant?