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    WICED device as a web server



      I want to implement webserver on my WICED device. Here is the requirement in brief.. my WICED WIFi device stores data in it, user should be able to fetch that data from anywhere using his mobile app. Please let me know what is the viable solution? I am sure static ip for each device is not one am looking for? Also, are there any webserver implementations that i can use straight away on WICED?




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          The answer to both of your questions is yes.

          1. the device has the ability to store the user data. ( with some data size contains, of course )

          2. It comes with a web server example. but don't expect a full http-protocol compliment implementation.

              it's working for most of the standard usages, but has it's limitations.

          3. there is a sample application that demonstrate the usage of the web server.

          4. most of the libraries are open-source, so you have a good starting point.


          hope that it helped,



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            Hi Therman,


            Thanks for reply. Can you please let me know, where can i find example for webserver demonstration?


            Also, you are talking about open libraries for same, can you please point me to some?


            Thanks for all your support.



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              From you answer it sounds like you haven't downloaded the SDK yet; Please do.

              Once you have it ( SDK 3.3.1 ), just open the eclipse and try to compile the applicance application that comes with it. You can have that without actually programming any device.



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                The easiest way to leverage the web server provided with WICED is to install WICED SDK 3.1.2 and take a look at the following:



                Appliance Demo


                Demo of the "Appliance Application" in WICED SDK


                * Home Appliance Control Application

                * This application demonstrates how a simple web page can be used to send

                * information to a UART when a button on the webpage is clicked. The application

                * mimics a very basic user interface to control a home appliance such as a washing

                * machine or dryer.


                * Features demonstrated

                *  - WICED Configuration Mode

                *  - Wi-Fi client mode

                *  - HTTP web server with dynamic content

                *  - Powersave



                SmartBridge Demo



                * Bluetooth SmartBridge Demo Application


                * This application demonstrates how to use the Bluetooth SmartBridge API. The app

                * scans for remote Bluetooth Smart devices and allows users to select which device

                * to connect with. Users interact with the app via a webpage running on a local

                * webserver. Once a connection to a remote device is established, services and

                * characteristic values for the device are reported in real-time on the webpage


                * The application demonstrates the following features ...

                *  - Bluetooth SmartBridge (with Security, Attribute Cache, and multiple concurrent

                *    connections support enabled)

                *  - DNS redirect

                *  - Webserver

                *  - Gedday mDNS / DNS-SD Network Discovery


                There is a blog for item 2 above that leverages the new Inventek USB based 43341-like Evaluation board and was used at  Broadcom Internet of Things Workshops we just hosted across the country, but I cannot seem to find it, so I will ask abuch to respond.


                Note that SDK 3.3.1 introduces an enhanced version of the SmartBridge Application called "BIG", or "Bluetooth Internet Gateway", but this leverages the RESTful APIs and is too new for me to feel comfortable recommending over the tried and proven SmartBridge app referenced above.

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                  Here is the Bluetooth Smart Bridge Demo: Inventek Smart Bridge - ISM340-USB Demo - WICED Sense Kit


                  This demo demonstrates how to connect a WICED Smart device to a WICED Wi-Fi device and display that data on a web server. This demo uses the WICED Sense BLE device and the Inventek ISM340 USB board which uses our BCM943341 Wi-Fi + BLE + NFC chip.



                  Arsh Buch