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    Which devices support multiple simultaneous BLE Central & Peripheral Connections


      Is there a way to determine if a specific chip or module can support multiple simultaneous BLE Central and Peripheral connections?


      Sheetal did a nice job of testing CYW20819 to determine several combinations of simultaneous connections @ Number of BLE Central & Peripheral Connections . Is CYW20719 identical to CYW20819 in functionality (with double the memory) such that it would support the same combinations of simultaneous connections?


      The other device I'm specifically interested in is the CYW20707 to the extent simultaneous Central and Peripheral connections would be supported in the CYBT-353027-02 module - as this appears to be the smallest footprint module Cypress has that supports Bluetooth 4.2 or later.


      There are several documents pointing to the capability in PSoC 6 and a few posts noting that the capability can be created in PSoC 4 using time-multiplexing.


      Is there any data, similar to the tables Sheetal created, for other WICED based chips or modules?