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    CY7C65211A Toggle error




      A toggle error occurs when a customer communicates using CY7C65211A.

      This issue does not always appear,but sometimes.


      Normal・・・DATA0→DATA1→DATA0→DATA1  (DATA1 and DATA0 are use alternately)

      Issue ・・・DATA0→DATA1→DATA1→…… (Issue occurs when DATA1 is continuous)


      ●Why does this problem happen?

      Is there a solution?


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          When the device (CY7C65211A) sends data packet with DATA1, how the host responds to this transaction?


          If the receiver is busy and returns NAK, or if the receiver detects corrupted data and returns no response, the sender (CY7C65211A) doesn't toggle its bit and instead tries again with the same data and data toggle.


          If the investigation of transaction is required, please attach trace log here or send it to the private message or ask Local Sales/FAEs.

          Best regards,

          Hirotaka Takayama

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            Thank you for quick support.


            I want you to investigate the transaction.

            Talk to the customer and ask you again.


            Best Regards