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    using timers, PSoC




      Probably a nube question but here it goes.


      I was trying to use a timer to time stamp the occurrence of a task in my application.


      I tried starting from the iotExpert project that I found here: https://iotexpert.com/2017/05/17/psoc-5-timer-circuit-debug/


      However, I never seem to get a counter reading. My period is always 9999 and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


      Please find attached a bundle of my project

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          I think you assumed that the initial level of Channel_1 is low with


          But since it's an open drain bidirectional, I'm afraid that you need an external pull down or external signal attached.

          So I changed the Channel_1 to a Resistive pull down


          Then your program seems start working.


          If you had an external signal attached to the pin, may be the initial project was also working.