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    Eco Clk pulls more Power after a restart


      Hello everybody,


      i created a Sleep Mode for my Application and i Stop the ECO CLK.

      After the first stop, the application is in the perfect range of power usage,

      but after a new start and stop of the ECO CLOCK will consume about 10 micro amps more.


      Do you have an solution for this problem, may i have to use other Startup Parameters for the ECO CLK or smth.


      Thanks for your help



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          Hi Sven,


          Please tell us more information like:


          1. What is the MPN of the IC you are using?

          2. What is the current consumption when just CPU running at different frequencies? (Do not put any components in schematic and no firmware in Creator. Just run the empty project)

          3. What is the part number of crystal that you are using? Is it as per our recommendation in PSoC 4 Crystal selection appnote?

          4. Please attach the schematic of your application.