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    psoc 5 versus 4


      Hello All,


      I have used PSoC 4 a lot for most of my projects. My newest project at work wants a HMI of some kind. The managers mentioned touch screens and I haven't had a chance to work with them yet. So a few questions.


      Is PSoC a good choice for touch screens? If so is PSoC 5 better than 4 for touch screens?


      The first prototype is just using the standard 2X18 LCD Screens on a PSoC 4. So if I can stay with 4 that would be cool but have no issues switching to 5 if there is a benefit. Thanks for anyones time

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          If PSoC4 satisfies project needs, and you are already familiar with it, use PSoC4. In the production environment the choice of the microcontroller is dictated by the cost, and price difference between PSoC 4/5 is substantial.


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            Hi MaLo_1836446


            To add to BoTa_264741's point, PSoC 4, specifically the PSoC 4S series (4000S, 4100S and 4100S Plus) devices have the latest CapSense IP that provides additional features along with improved sensing algorithm.


            Therefore, PSoC 4 would be a better choice for the application.


            Best regards,


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