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    PSOC 6 2M 128 TQFP Pinout questions/concerns


      Our customer wants to use the CY8C624AAZI-S2D14 but the datasheet (vn ‘H’) here  https://www.cypress.com/file/460816/download  is worrying me as the word ‘PRELIMINARY’ is printed all over it and the pinout table, table 4 on page 17, has the following minor typos..

      • Pin 36 has been moved to the very end of the table so it’s out of sequence
      • Pin 114 has duplicate line entries although they seem to be identical


      I’d hate to have a PCB made that has an error on it, can you guys confirm that the pinout table is correct and why the table has the issues I note above on a revision "H" of the datasheet?