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    Cypress-Windows10 compatibility


      Hi, I have been a long time user of Cypress Suite USB. I specifically used the Cypress Driver in my hardware devices. According to the Cypress online documentation, the Cypress drivers are only supported for no newer versions than windows 7. Seeing as Windows 7 has been discontinued, I now updated all my systems to Windows 10 and would like to know how Cypress can support my hardware. I am running Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7 on Windows 10 but drivers fail to install in my hardware devices.


      Thank you for your time and consideration.

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          Yes, the Cypress drivers will support windows 10 till the latest version. What errors are you getting when you install the driver?


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            I believe my problem is related to this.

            In win10 when I first plug in  a denebola board with cx3, it says "westbridge driver" installed and is ready, but dev mgr says:

            The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

            There are no compatible drivers for this device.


            In USB Control center the board doesn't appear like it did on my win7 machine. How do I install the proper driver?

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              Thank you for your reply!


              When I plug my hardware (small GPS receiver) in to my windows 10 computer it appears as an unknown device. I attempt to update its driver using the Cypress Driver described by the following path: "Cypress USB-Serial Driver > DriverBinary > Vendor_Driver > Bin > Win10 > x84". The error I get states:


              "Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them. Cypress USB3.0 Generic Driver. The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or victim of tampering."


              I believe this is because I made a copy of the cypress folder "Cypress USB-Serial Driver", in an attempt to edit the x84 folder containing the cyusb3 driver that I edited to add my GPS receiver's VID and PID.


              The original driver does not allow me to input my PID and VID because it states I have no permission to open the file every time I try to save the driver after editing it with my product's PID and VID. Without adding my PID and VID, the Driver simply fails to install.


              What can I do to input my product's PID and VID in the Cypress original driver to be recognizable? 


              Thank you!

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                While binding a device to a particular driver, the VID and PID of the enumerated device should be listed the drivers inf file (cyusb3.inf).

                If your device VID/PID is not listed in the driver package inf file then you may add the same to it. Once the new VID and PID is added, the signature in the catalog file becomes invalid and hence windows 10 will not bind the device to that driver package.

                Note: The signature in the catalog file becomes invaild when any change is made to the files present in the driver package.


                For binding to the driver package where the inf fie was altered, the PC can be put into test mode, in this case windows 10 will allow to install the altered driver. Or, you can go for a Microsoft certification through a driver resell from Cypress. Here we only allow you to change the inf file to add your custom VID and PID. Please refer to the CyUSB.pdf present in the FX3 SDK. path: <installation directory>\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\doc\SuiteUSB


                FX3 SDK link: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/ez-usb-fx3-software-development-kit

                The latest cyusb3 drivers can be found in the FX3 SDK. Please try binding your devices to the cyusb3 driver present in the SDK->driver folder.


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