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    DAPLink on the CYBLE-416045-EVAL board?


      Does the CYBLE-416045-EVAL support DAPLink? I want to flash it with Mbed based firwmare. The fw-loader tool always shows a timeout.


      Info: Start API initialization

      Info: Connected - KitProg3 CMSIS-DAP HID-061208F302098400

      Info: Hardware initialization complete (515 ms)

      Info: Disconnected - KitProg3 CMSIS-DAP HID-061208F302098400

      Info: Connected - KitProg3 CMSIS-DAP BULK-061208F302098400

      Error: Wait for device DAPLink connect is timed out

      Mode switch on 'KitProg3 CMSIS-DAP HID-061208F302098400' device failed.