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    Type1LV/CYW43012 BT sleep mode




      I'm using CYW43012 with mbed Cordio stack and now I'm trying to enable the sleep mode. I see in latest mbedOS repository that the sleep mode for CYW43xx series has been enabled in HCIDriver.cpp. However I couldn't make it work. If the sleep mode byte is enable (set to 1), downloading BT firmware to the module complete successfully but the communication that come afterwards (after sleep) never complete. After I probe with logic analyzer, it looks like the CTS signal always de-asserted and thus the host MCU never send the HCI command.


      I've already check the device wakeup polarity (in this case active high) and ensure that the device wakeup signal is asserted when host MCU try to communicate.


      If I disable the sleep byte (set to 0), everything works fine.


      Any clue?