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    UART like service?



      Nordic offers Nordic UART Service (NUS) Application as an example that emulates a serial port over BLE.

      Could somebody share code to realise similar functionality on BCM20732S, please?




      Adafruit has adopted it in their BLE modules.

      Adding App Support | Getting Started with the nRF8001 Bluefruit LE Breakout | Adafruit Learning System


      And it is gaining popularity. There are already several iOS Apps supporting it.


      Cordova's Bluetooth Serial plugin supports it so I can expect even more apps are coming.



      I'd like to develop BLE hardware supporting compatible UART like service based on BCM20732S.

      But my skills are limited to implement it myself...


      I know ACKme and iDevices offer BLE modules with UART like service but I'd like to stick with BCM20732S for the price. (If I had to use a module, I'd use Nordic based module anyway!).