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    BCM43341WCD Project Builds


      When I installed the WICED IDE, there was a bunch of built projects for the BCM943362WCD4 (see red circle in the attached image). However, the evaluation board I am using is the BCM943341WCD1.  How do I have a make target that is for my evaluation board? Meaning, how do I build and load code specific for my evaluation board.

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          Perhaps I'm over simplyfying this, but for many of the sample apps, shouldn't you be able to copy the 43362 based make target and rename it to the one needed for the 43341 platform?


          For example:



          test.console-BCM943362WCD4 download run



          test.console-BCM943341WCD1 download run


          test.console tells the compiler to look in the /apps directory for this project.


          BCM943341WCD1 tells it to look in /platforms directory for the associated platform files/mappings.

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            I tried doing exactly that, but get the following errors. I think for some reason the usb drivers for the the BCM943341WCD1 eval board is not properly installed (see second image).  How do I install it properly?    It is intalled properly for the BCM43362wcd4 eval board.  Please advise.



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              Also to add on, the FTDI chip on your board is not programmed. You would need to follow this first,

              WICED FTDI chip programming

              once you do that in the device manager you would notice WICED USB Serial port under COM ports.

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                So, I followed the instructions, but no luck.  Please help


                Here is what I did so far with no avail....

                1. I installed the FTDI driver from http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

                2. I pluged the USB into the evaluation board and into my computer

                3. Went into the device manager and right clicked into properties for the com port and looked at the VID and PID.  For the BCM943341WCD1 it is (VID=0403 and PID=6010).Capture1.PNG

                4. I went into the following folder: WICED-SDK-3.1.2\WICED-SDK\tools\drivers\BCM9WCD1EVAL1_Drivers

                and modified the files below such that the VID=0403 and PID=6010.


                5. I went back into the device manager and updated the drivers by pointing it the the following folder


                6. I used FT Prog to read the VID and PID from the EEPROM.

                7. In FT Prog I changed the VID and PID to:

                VID=0403 and PID=6010


                8. Then I prograpmed the EEPROM using FT Prog


                9. Just to be safe I went back into the device manager and updated the drivers for the comports.

                10. When I go into the device manager it drivers still do not look like it was porpoerly installed since it does not say WICED anywhere.


                11. When I try to build the program, I still get the same errors.


                Please advise. Thanks.

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                  Did you get a chance to program the FTDI ?

                  WICED FTDI chip programming

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                    The Wiced USB JTAG Device driver needs to be installed.


                    The device driver is released with the SDK and located at .../tools/drivers/BCM9WCD1EVAL1. Please install this driver for the Wiced JTAG communication. The drivers had been installed for the virtual comm ports over USB. Perhaps the currently installed drivers needs to be uninstalled and the "WICED USB JTAG Port" driver is installed for the WICeD evaluation board.




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                      vikr, yes I programmed the FTDI chip.

                      seyhan I tried that but it did not work.

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                        I doubt then the HW you have has an issue, would ask you to get another board and try it.

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                          vikr and seyhan, the driver located in .../tools/drivers/BCM9WCD1EVAL1 works for the BCM943362WCD4_3 evaluation board, but not for the BCM943341WCD1_3 evaluation board. 


                          Is seems like the BCM943341WCD1_3 requires a different driver. 

                          Are you sure both eval boards require the same driver? If so, why does it work for one evaluation board but not the other?

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                            Hi, the same driver should work for BCM943341WCD1_3. Is it like that for every 43341 board you have?


                            Looking at your screenshots it looks like the FTDI driver has not installed correctly. Could you try running the bat file in the attached zip file?


                            Once you unzip the compressed file, double-click on


                            and it should run automatically.


                            Let me know if this works!