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    how to enable a node feature as a relay node, friend node, low power node in bt mesh


      Hi  all:

              now I use the CYW20735 to develop Bluetooth  mesh devices. the development environment is wiced studio.

           when I download the dimmable light firmware to the CYW920735Q60EVB-01 board. so the device has been added into the bt mesh network by nrf mesh.

          but I view the Node Features and it is below:

            Relay:   Not enable

           Proxy:    Not enable

          Friend:    Not enable

         Low Power: Not supported


      and device  configuration is below:


      wiced_bt_mesh_core_config_t  mesh_config =


          .company_id         = MESH_COMPANY_ID_CYPRESS,                  // Company identifier assigned by the Bluetooth SIG

          .product_id         = MESH_PID,                                 // Vendor-assigned product identifier

          .vendor_id          = MESH_VID,                                 // Vendor-assigned product version identifier

          .replay_cache_size  = MESH_CACHE_REPLAY_SIZE,                   // Number of replay protection entries, i.e. maximum number of mesh devices that can send application messages to this device.


          .friend_cfg         =                                           // Configuration of the Friend Feature(Receive Window in Ms, messages cache)


              .receive_window        = 200,                               // Receive Window value in milliseconds supported by the Friend node.

              .cache_buf_len         = 300,                               // Length of the buffer for the cache

              .max_lpn_num           = 4                                  // Max number of Low Power Nodes with established friendship. Must be > 0 if Friend feature is supported.


          .low_power          =                                           // Configuration of the Low Power Feature


              .rssi_factor           = 0,                                 // contribution of the RSSI measured by the Friend node used in Friend Offer Delay calculations.

              .receive_window_factor = 0,                                 // contribution of the supported Receive Window used in Friend Offer Delay calculations.

              .min_cache_size_log    = 0,                                 // minimum number of messages that the Friend node can store in its Friend Cache.

              .receive_delay         = 0,                                 // Receive delay in 1 ms units to be requested by the Low Power node.

              .poll_timeout          = 0                                  // Poll timeout in 100ms units to be requested by the Low Power node.


          .gatt_client_only          = WICED_FALSE,                       // Can connect to mesh over GATT or ADV

          .elements_num  = (uint8_t)(sizeof(mesh_elements) / sizeof(mesh_elements[0])),   // number of elements on this device

          .elements      = mesh_elements                                  // Array of elements for this device




      so I understand why  the device  don't  support  the  low power function, however I can't understand why the friend, relay, proxy features  have not been enabled.
      how to enable the low power, friend, proxy features of the node?







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          Hi mandy,


          As per the above configuration relay, friend and proxy are enabled in the mesh device.

          Are you able to perform mesh functionalities with Cypress peer helper apps? (Please try using MeshClient or Android/IOS app).

          Please test the cypress mesh device with cypress helper apps first, if everything works fine then please try to use other vendor product. In that way we can narrow down the issue.


          If you are able to provision the mesh device and remain in connection then we can say that it support proxy.

          If you can send a message to some other mesh node via this mesh node (device under test) we can say that it relays messages.

          If you can communicate well with a LPN node with the help of a friend node (device under test) then it support friend feature.


          Node feature viewed on nrf mesh shows that few features are not enabled. Does it mean the mesh device supports these features but not enabled on nrf mesh application? Is there any additional enabling needed on nrf mesh side?

          What is the difference between " Not enable" and "Not supported" status showed on the nrf mesh?

          Friend:    Not enable

          Low Power: Not supported