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    PSoC 6 (63) FSUSB with PDL 3.10


      I am migrating from the CY8KIT-062-BLE system that I used for prototyping, to making my own PCB with a PSoC6 6347BZI.  I am wanting to utilize the FSUSB component, and despite following some of the available documentation, when I check for new components I cannot see the FSUSB.  It appears in the PDL reference document (file:/C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Cypress/PDL/3.1.0/doc/pdl_api_reference_manual/html/group__group__usbfs__dev__drv.html  ) but does not show up when I search for new components.  Is there something I am not doing?  I restarted the system after doing all the updates and configures.