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    Using FreeSoC2 with SSD1331 SPI oled module and Littlev GL ends up in infinite loop


      Hello good people from Cypress forum,


      I have a problem using mentioned OLED module with Littlev graphic library that uses SPI to communicate as it ends up in infinite loop of IntDefaultHandler function.


      Here is the screenshot from debug session




      When I go step by step, everything works fine until 135 line of lv_task.c file. After that I need to pause debugging and it ends up as shown on image that I posted above.

      By using Google search I found that ending up in this infinite loop is (mostly) related to memory problems, but then when using I2C protocol to send data to SSD1306 controller everything works fine even though the same library is used, and the only difference is in using I2C instead of SPI.


      The Littlev library was successfully used with ILI9341 controller in parallel mode with no problems as well.



      Also, here is the minimal archive of the project in the attachment.

      Any kind of help to resolve the problem or to understand what is going on would be great,