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    CCyUSBDevice destructor hangs in Windows 7?


      Using CyAPI in a C++ DLL project, I create a CCyUSBDevice object dedicated to responding to PnP events with the following code:

      cCyUSBDevice = new CCyUSBDevice(hWnd, CYUSBDRV_GUID, FALSE);


      Above, "hWnd" is a handle to a "message only" window that can receive the PnP messages.


      All is well.


      At shutdown, or whenever the DLL is unloaded, I call the CCyUSBDevice destructor with the following code:

      delete cCyUSBDevice;


      Under Windows 10, the destructor executes without problems.  However, under Windows 7, the destructor never returns!!!


      This problem under Windows 7 seems to have something to do with "hWnd"...if I provide a bogus value to "hWnd" during construction, the destructor doesn't hang (but, of course, the PnP message handling won't work).


      Does anyone know of something I need to do prior to the executing the destructor, in this case where "hWnd" is a legitimate window, so that the destructor executes to completion under Windows 7?


      Thanks to anyone for any insight.