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    Pins needed for 1MW wi-fi support



      I am designing a custom board with an i.MX8M Mini and I might use the module 1MW for wi-fi with the following requirements:


      • BT will not be used. Its transceiver must be turned off (no TX power);
      • We will only use one band of wi-fi. We need to be able to configure 2.4GHz or 5GHz and the TX for the band not in use must be turned off;
      • The i.MX8M Mini has almost all of its GPIO already used now, so we need to use the least amount of pins as possible to connect the module 1MW (only SD1_CLK, SD1_CMD, SD1_DATA[0-3], SD1_RESET_B, SD1_STROBE and UART4_RXD/TXD are free);
      • We don't need any kind of low-power operation because the device will be powered from a power outlet.


      Based on these requirements, I was wondering if I can connect the 1MW through SDIO (CLK, CMD, DATA[0-3]) only. The requirement to turn off the power on the interfaces  is to avoid interference with other radio interfaces our product needs that operate in frequencies close to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


      Can we meet the requirements listed on the bullet points above using only the SDIO or do we need to use any other connection to do so (LPO_IN, UART) for configuration or anything else?