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    Replacing all connectors on a portable system by a single USB Type-C connector




      We are in the last design phase of our new ultrasound scanner.


      On all of our previous ultrasound scanners we had a power input connector to charge the battery, few USB host connectors and a video output connector.  We just receive from the mechanical team a request to replace all of those connectors by a single USB Type-C connector.


      We have some experience with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 but we have no experience with USB Type-C and Power Delivery.


      Our requirements for the USB Type-C connector are:


      • USB 3.0 host,
      • USB 2.0 host,
      • Display Port output,
      • VBUS 5 V / 500 mA source to power peripherals like a USB memory stick,
      • VBUS 15 V / 3 A sink to charge the battery.


      Can you help us select the proper controller?


      Do you know a reference design that meet the requirements of our system?


      Thank you,


      Best Regards,