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    wiced_tcp_packet_send dropping data?


      I have an existing embedded application running on a BCM943362.  This embedded application communicates with an app on an iOS device using sockets, and with a web service (apache server hosted on AWS), also using sockets.  It is all pretty basic stuff and follows the tcp client/server example code.  I use wiced_tcp_send_packet (or wiced_tcp_send_buffer) for example.  I originally developed this under v3.1.2 of the Wiced SDK and it seemed to be working properly.


      I have now moved to v3.3.1 of the SDK.  I now find that I can send a packet to my web service, but when it is received there is data missing.  I am sending a POST with some JSON data in the http body.  I send a total of 358 bytes (including http headers and http body), but only 349 bytes are received, and it is the last portion of the buffer that is missing (i.e. the last few bytes of the JSON).  I don't see anything missing in the middle of the received buffer.  I do not receive any errors from Wiced and the tx buffer looks good deep down at the point where nx_tcp_socket_send is being called.  This is very repeatable.


      I am also seeing instances where entire packets are missing when sending to an iOS device.  Again, everything looks good, no errors on the embedded side.


      Has anyone else experienced this?