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    Interface S34MS04G2 with BMD300



      In one of our next upcoming designs, we are planning to use the S34MS04G2 NAND flash which needs to be interfaced with BMD300 from Rigado. The NAND flash is expected to be used as a storage medium for the sensor data which BMD300 will be reading from the attached sensor module.

      While searching for sample codes, we came across the nand lld from cypress which is currently added to the base project we are using. We have designed a breakout board for the NAND flash to facilitate interfacing with any microcontroller.

      In the LLD, we didn't find any control for CLE, ALE, CE, RE, WP, and IOx for transactions as per the datasheet table 1.6 for mode selection.

      We have connected the signals as per table 1.6.

      But my read id and geometry info function keep returning 0.


      1. ALE
      2. CLE
      3. CE_
      4. WE_
      5. RE_
      6. WP_
      • Is there any example project which can help us in getting the data in and out of NAND flash?
      • Are we doing something wrong?
      • Is this implementation feasible?
      We have attached the code sections we edited for implementing this GPIO mapping.