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    About Recertifying a customized Windows Driver for CY7C65211A-24LTXI




      The customer plans to get WHQL certification using their VID and PID. But, they are thinking that it is difficult to test HCK by themselves.

      Q) Is it possible to support recertifying a customized Windows Driver for CY7C65211A-24LTXI. , they would like to submit an application using DUA without HCK.

      If possible, please tell me the procedure for Recertifying a customized Windows Driver.


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          Hi Arai-san,


          They can go ahead Driver Re-selling process. Information can be found in the chapter of "Driver Resell" on "Cypress CyUsb3.sys Programmer's Reference".


          The benefit of the Driver Re-selling is that when companies opts for driver re-selling(or use cypress driver), they need not to run WHQL for their VID/PID. They can add their VID/PID in the INF file and gets Microsoft certification for their devices.


          You can contact Cypress Engineers (in this case, HirotakaT_91) by private message with the below information to initiate the driver resell process by our side.

          1. Company details

          2. INF file with your devices VID/PIDs

          3. Microsoft Dashboard account information that must be included 'Publisher Display Name'

          4. Target device

          5. OS version and architecture


          Best regards,

          Hirotaka Takayama