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    Error while programming PSoC1 with windows10-64 bit system



      I had upgraded my system from Win10-32 bits to Win10-64 bits. I had absolutely no problems in the 32 bit machine except the SVG file display issue that I ignored.

      A month ago I had an issue regarding the build of the PSoC1 software, refer(

      that was corrected by removing the spaces in directory names.

      Now my issue is that I get an error - sometimes, not always - when I try to program using a Miniprog ver 1.8
      The error is

      Failed to initialize PSoC3 ES0-2 operations

      FAILED! Failed to initialize PSoC3 ES0-2 operations

      I do not have anything with PSoC3. How do I remove this error. It takes place while verifying.

      This with the built in programmer s/w in PSoCDesigner-5.4 build 3191


      I tried using the programmer s/w separately (PSoC Programmer

      There too, I get an error while verifying.


      Please advise.