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    CX3 RDK schematics relayout function check


      Hi Sir

      I re-layout the e-CON_DENEBOLA_CX3_RDK_Schematics, modify MIPI CAMERA BRD CONNECTOR to Meet customer needs.

      and can load e-con_CX3RDK_OV5640_Firmware_Package SDK_1.3.3 version to CX3 board (can download .img file to I2C EEPROM or SPI Flash.

      (We don't have sensor board and Denebola – USB 3.0 UVC Reference Design Kit (RDK))


      1. How to measure (or judge) whether MIPI CSI-2 signal is normal?

      (At present, both MIPI_CAM_PWDN and MIPI_CAM_RST are in the L state)


      2. About MIPI_CAM_PWDN and MIPI_CAM_RST are H or L under normal work in the SDK F/W version? At present, the two signals measured are L, can I change it to H?