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    PSOC 6 2M availability and SDKs




      I am currently evaluating the PSOC 6 SoC, with a CY8CPROTO-062-4343W board, for a low power Wi-FI/BT device and I have some questions regarding this chip.


      - what is the release date of the PSOC 6 2M SoC (CY8C62x8/CY8C62xA) ?

      I can not find the CY8C624ABZI (the one on my board) anywhere.


      - which SDK should I use for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionnalities ?


      - do you plan to port WICED on this board ? we already have the application code running on a WICED platform.

      The CY8CKIT-062-WiFi-BT kit is supported, but this proto kit is not.

      The main work seems to port the WWD part from the UDB SD driver (found on CY8C62x6/CY8C62x7) to the true SDHC driver (found on CY8C62x8/CY8C62xA).


      As a side note, depending on the documents that we read, 5 software environnements are listed for writing code for PSOC6:

      PSOC Creator, ModusToolbox 1.0, ModusToolbox 1.1, ModusToolbox 2.0, and WICED; I can also add two others, from external developpers: Amazon FreeRTOS and Mbed.

      With no compatibility with each other, that is very confusing.

      And, compared to WICED, there is no MTB examples to write a simple Wi-Fi application for this board that does not depend on Amazon FreeRTOS or Mbed.



      Thank you.

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          HI Jordan,


          WICED does not have default support for P6-2M. As you have read, ModusToolbox, mbed, AFR has been successfully program the P6-2M along with the WLAN and BT related functionalities of CYW4343W.


          We have pushed some examples to github which you can use to test out the WLAN related operations. Please check this Wi-Fi Support added to PSoC 6 SDK for further details on how to import those examples and get started with. Already, the SDHC and portable WWD (WHD) libraries have been integrated in those examples.


          Unfortunately, the BLE/BT block of 43xxx based devices are not yet available through MTB 2.0 but will be made available soon. Right now, applications that use both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are only supported inside Mbed OS and Amazon FreeRTOS both of which can be integrated inside MTB for you to play around.

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            The 2MB PSoC 62 devices are not in production yet and so they are only shipping on kits to get people started. We expect to have them available through distribution around the end of Q2. You can, of course, get 1MB PSoC 62 devices today.

            Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality is, indeed, available in the Arm Mbed OS and Amazon FreeRTOS ecosystems today.

            Within the PSoC 6 SDK, which you are using, we recently added the first step toward Wi-Fi support. The lwIP and Mbed TLS libraries were released a couple of weeks ago. They are supported by some new examples for TCP Client/Server applications. If you use the IDE's New Application dialog you will see these examples:

            Choosing any of the "Connectivity" examples will pull the needed stack and WHD driver into your application.

            If you are not using the IDE then you need to do this:



            git clone https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/mtb-example-connectivity-tcp-client

            cd mtb-example-connectivity-tcp-client

            cd libs

            git clone https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/TARGET_CY8CPROTO-062-4343W

            cd ..

            make getlibs

            make build TARGET=CY8CPROTO-062-4343W

            make program


            Unfortunately, we do not yet have the Bluetooth for the 4343W device in that SDK. We hope to add that in Q2. For now I hope you can get started with the Wi-Fi libraries.

            Regards, Mark.

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              Hello Mark,


              I saw the new examples few times after posting; I am currently evaluating this solution by porting our application from WICED framework.


              PSOC 62 1M do not have the dedicated SDHC controller found on PSOC 62 2M, does it have an impact on Wi-Fi performance (latency, transfer rate)?

              They also do not have the second PLL (useful for audio); What are the other differences?


              Do you have any plan to port ThreadX/NetX on these platforms? I read that it is available for PSOC Creator.


              Thank you

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                I do not think there is a performance impact. The 1MB parts still use a hardware solution, it's just programmable. There's no SW layer causing latency or anything.

                I think the 2M parts have a different interrupt mapping and no on-board BLE but, apart from that, porting should not be a big deal.

                ThreadX is not supported specifically by PSoC Creator but that does not mean that users have not added it to their projects. Running NetX with the new Wi-Fi Host Driver would be rather tricky though. In ModusToolbox we have ThreadX as a roadmap item and we'd like to see it available soon!

                Regards, Mark.

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