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    Main Flash Memory Write / Erase Characteristics for S6E2C1AH0AGV2000A




      We are considering replacing S6E2C18H0AGV2000A with S6E2C1AH0AGV2000A.

      * The questions refer to the following materials.

      About "12.8 Main Flash Memory Write / Erase Characteristics".

      It is stated that 1.5MB / 2MB products require two chip erases compared to the used 1MB products. Does this mean that the chip must be erased twice for the main flash memory area before it can be erased?
      Does this mean that the chip is erased only after performing two chip erase operations on the main flash memory area? Or does it mean "two times" that the erase operation needs to be performed for each of Flash Macro # 0 and Flash Macro # 1 (Main Flash Area and Dual Flash Area)?
      (Check the programming manual and make a guess.)

      Also, as for the sector erase operation, is it necessary to perform one erase operation even for 1.5MB / 2MB products?




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