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    Bluetooth v5.1 EZ-Serial F/W of CYBLE-022001-00




      The following Modules are listed in v5.1 by Bluetooth SIG.

      - CYBLE-022001-00 (DID: U048555)

      - CYBLE-014008-00 (DID: U048554)

      - CYBLE-012011-00 (DID: U048529)


      In order to comply with Bluetooth v5.1, PSoC Creator Component "Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)" needs to be updated to version 3.6.



      On the other hand, I think the EZ-Serial F/W released below is still v4.1 compliant.



      Are you planning to release EZ-Serial updated to v5.1?

      If yes, please tell us the schedule.


      Best regards,

      Kenji Takahashi