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    MAC address and Sflash row 0


      Encounter this behavior in PSOC 4 with BLE.

      After testing i saw that:

      Writing less than 7 bytes in the beginning of  Sflash Row0 changes the MAC address of the device,

      But when more than 7 bytes are written, MAC address does not change. (or reverts to default)

      Can you please explain?



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          The device address stored in Row0 of SFlash and entered in PSoC4-BLE-SFLASH-Update tool is structure of type CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_T. Your obervation is due to bdAddr[(0x06u)]. Please find more details in BLE component datasheet.


          struct CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_T

          Data Fields

          • uint8 bdAddr [(0x06u)]

          • uint8 type

          Field Documentation

          uint8 CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_T::bdAddr[(0x06u)]

          Bluetooth device address

          uint8 CYBLE_GAP_BD_ADDR_T::type

          public = 0, Random = 1