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    Adding a power supply to a CY8C-043


      I have several CY8CKIT-043 boards, previously I have used the PSoC 4 pioneer kit.

      I am looking to add an external power supply of 5.1 V to the board, so it doesn't need plugged into the computer.

      You can see on the pioneer board, that vdd is shown at the top left, indidcated by my purple arrows.

      I never added an external power supply to this board, but to add one.

      Do you connect the positive end of your supply to either pin marked above?

      Where does the ground connect to?


      In regards to the 43 prototype board. I cant find the Vdd pin.

      I can find VDDD, VDDA, VTARG and VDDIO.

      Which of these do I use, for my positive and negative power cables?

      What do these pins do, in layman's terms please.

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          Hi StEm_4525871


          The pioneer kit, CY8CKIT-042 can be powered externally by supplying power through the VIN header (J11). The allowed voltage range for the VIN is 5 V to 12 V. The LDO regulator regulates the VIN down to 3.3 V.


          The 043 prototyping kit can be powered directly by connecting the power supply to the P4.VDD pin.

          Note that this prototyping kit does not have any onboard ESD protection circuitry. Therefore, the power source for the PSoC 4 M-Series Prototyping Kit must be of a high quality to ensure that the board is protected from any over-current conditions and swapped-power connections.


          Please refer the kit guide for more details.




          Best regards