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    FPGA to FX3 Traces




      I am transferring data from FPGA to FX3.But the thing is in waveform the signals are not triggering for data transfer.I am using flag A&B as active low and the flags are always high throughout the data transfer.And in FX3 side i am using firmware(P to S0) I am not getting where will be the problem.The problem is with FPGA or FX3 or GPIF II Interface Any one knew the solution for this?


      The steps I am following to do data transfer:

      1.Programming FX3 with.img file.

      2.Programming FPGA with .bin file.

      3.Checking flags and signals in traces

      4.Checking Consumer Events.




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          Hello Srujana,


          As per the discussion in this thread GPIF you need to check and confirm that the FPGA is working properly or not. For that you need to program FX3 with the default SF_loopback.img file and probe the lines  at the GPIF interface.


          Please let me know the results.