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    Does PSoC4 bootloader require an interval when issuing host commands?




      For the Bootloader Commands, the Host executes the following command immediately after Write, All 0xFF is returned. It seems that it takes time for the Response Packet Status Code to be Success (0x00) and for the Checksum to match. Is Wait time required between Write-Read? If so, is there guidance for an appropriate wait time?


      Bootloader_COMMAND_CHECKSUM(0x31u) /* Verify the checksum for the bootloadable project*/

      Bootloader_COMMAND_GET_ROW_CHKSUM(0x3Au) /* Compute flash row checksum for verification*/


      I referred below application note.

      AN86526 PSoC4 I2C Bootloader


      Appendix C:  Host/Target Communications

      C.1 Communication Flow


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