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      I have completed the WICED WiFI Tutorial.  https://www.cypress.com/training/wiced-wi-fi-101-video-tutorial-series


      I am working on AWS application using the development kit CYW954907AEVAL1F.  in Chapter 8 of the AWS tutorials, there are three versions for establishing connection with AWS Cloud. When I run the code MQTT, I am catching some error with initialization of MQTT.

      I have checked my policies are consistent with following this post (AWS MQTT TCP receive error )


      I am not sure what is error code 4, and I am also not sure how to debug this as the code was written for the dev kit, and I have only changed wifi access SSID/PC, and the endpoints, and Topic related information in AWS.  My certificates and Thing are working as desired with other scripts, but the MQTT code provided on GitHub is providing this error.


      Thanks for any guidance on this issue.