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    Check if bleprofile_sendNotification() was successful (con't)


      Hi mkim


      Per the thread you participating in here: Check if bleprofile_sendNotification() was successful

           Have U solved the issue of bleprofile_sendNotification() fail ??

           Now I have the similar problem that, oen of my 20736 works in slave, and call bleprofile_sendNotification() to send data to its master, sometimes, the master could not get data from this slave 20736, and we check the tx buffer always keeps 0, which seems that, the bleprofile_sendNotification() is blocking some where in the stack.

           It's realy confusing me, and have no any idea about this issue.

           If you have already sovled this issue, could U pls share with me?

           Or pls let me know if my problem is / isn't the same as U

           Many thanks...