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    PSoC USB Audio Reference Designs



      There are a couple of older (circa 2010) articles in the Cypress archives from Kendall Castor-Perry about USB Audio clock recovery, and much talk about a PSoC-based solution for a stable and reliable USB audio interface.  I'm not having any luck turning up relevant reference designs, dev kits, or other info on the Cypress site.  The closest I found was an Apple Lightning based solution, which isn't appropriate for my application.





      I'm in the process of a redesign of the USB audio interface for my company's product line and am very interested in exploring more in this realm, as the article touches on many topics we've struggled with using other vendor's solutions over the years, so I'm particularly interested in taking advantage of the work Cypress has done in this realm.


      I'm a long-time Cypress customer/developer, going all the way back to the original generation of EZ-USB micros when they were originally developed by Anchor in the late 90s, and have done several designs on those, as well as FX, FX1 and FX2's.  Also used some of the lower cost Cypress USB micros nearly 20 years ago.  New to PSoC.