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    CCG3 resetting after turning on VBUS_C_CTRL


      I have a CYPD3120 that resets 10 ms after I turn the sink FETs on.  Is there some DPM condition that needs to be met in that time period? 


      Below is an oscilloscope image of the issue.  VBUS (yellow) is a steady 5 V when the sink FETs are enabled.  The output of the FETs (blue) drops after 10 ms due to the CCG3 resetting.  VSYS (Cyan) is powered from the output of the sink FETs.  I've also shown an intermediate signal, USB_VBUS (magenta), which is similar to the V_SYS Oring rail on the CY4531.




      To eliminate the possibility of software causing the reset, I've replaced the call to sink_fet_on with the 4 lines below.  This did not change the oscilloscope plot.