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    Does CYUSB4357 Type-c HUB support DP multiplexing function?


              Standard type-c interface with two pins SBU1 and SBU2? The USB 3.1 Gen 2 / Display Port 1.4 crossover switch for Type-C can be used for DP interface expansion, but I see the evaluation board of CYUSB4357. The SBU1 and SBU2 pins of the upstream type-c are not connected, and three downstream type- The SBU1 and SBU2 pins of c are also not connected. I want to use CYUSB4357 as a multifunctional docking station. One of the downstream type-c interfaces can be used to expand the DP bus. Can it be implemented? Are there other options? Thank you for your design.

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          Currently we dont have a firmware that supports DP interface on HX3PD. However it can be implemented and may be included in the future releases. Please take a look at this KBA for comparing our other solutions-Comparison of Cypress USB Type-C Hubs and Docks – KBA225754


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            HX3PD does not support the cross-multiplexing of the DP protocol. If I use a multiplexer switch on the upstream TYPE-C port of the HX3PD, I get two branches. In this way, when the DP signal is output, does the HX3PD rate decrease? I read the EZ-PD CCG4 Dock Solution solution you provided to me. The following solution is my previous design solution. Later, I knew that HX3PD does not support DP expansion. If I use the multiplex switch solution, can I solve it? this problem.

            I still have a little doubt. A USB-C Dock for Notebook PC is provided in the HX3PD data sheet. Solution, as shown in the figure, is the DP expansion method of this solution the solution I mentioned above using the multiplex switch, please answer it, thank you.

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              Yes, HX3PD does not have integrated USB/DP mux/demux.


              You should use an external USB 3.1 Gen2/DP DEMUX on the US Type-C port for making a DP dock .

              In your original question, you mentioned about enabling DP on the DS Type-C port. For this, you should add external USB 3.1 Gen2/DP MUX.


              As per your block diagram:

              - You don't need CYPD2122 to control the mux. It can be controlled by I2C master from HX3PD itself which has integrated PD controller which can take care of this.

              - I didn't understand AG9311's role in your block diagram.

              - Block diagram is confusing as HX3PD's USB lines are fed into PI3USB31532 and DP & USB lines are taken out from there.


              Block diagram on HX3PD datasheet given clear picture of a DP dock except that DS1 does not support DP. However, this can be achieved by adding a MUX. You can refer CCG4 dock for this portion alone.