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    CMG1 OEM Cable USB 3.1 Gen 2 TID Certified


      Hello. Happy New Year to all.


      Is the CMG1 component TID certified? PD3.0 compliant? Stable without any erratas? In production?


      Our company is interested to source (offshore) a USB 3.1 Gen 2 TID Certified cable with PD 3.0 compliance (20V @ 5A). Our first preference is to have the Cypress CMG1 E-marker inside this cable. However during my visit to Asia last April, very few cable manufacturers referenced the Cypress E-marker, perhaps due to cost savings to use alternate devices.


      May we receive details of offshore cable manufacturers that make use of or are able to use the CMG1 E-marker? We do not wish to invest into the tooling and TID testing of such a cable so prefer to work with a tooled up shop.


      Welcome your feedback and suggestions on alternatives from Cypress if the CMG1 is not ready for production use. Ok to contact me via private email if that is more suitable.


      Many thanks!

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          Yes, CMG1 is TID certified and it supports Power delivery 3.0, Type-C 1.3. I believe there are already an amount of customers using CMG1 for their Type-C cable. But unfortunately I cannot release the information of our customer here.



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            May we receive such information via private email?


            Our interest is to work with an OEM / ODM that makes use of your CMG1 e-marker controller for our cable assembly. Ideally this cable assembly should be TID certified for USB 3.1 Gen 2 speed ( 10 Gbps ).


            Have been contacted by hundreds of offshore vendors that are using alternate e-marker solutions which are not practical for our design. Some are willing to switch to the Cypress e-marker for our business but then we are re-inventing the process and would need to be re-tested for USB-IF TID compliance?