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    Collect Program time data


      Dear all, I am curious if there is time data for Programming about MiniProg3


      I uesd the J-Link to program CY8C4147-SXXX, it spend ten seconds

      is there have use MiniProg3 to program time?

      is it faster than J-link?


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          The programming time obviously is relative depending on the size of the file being downloaded. But you can have a look at the target interface speeds at which these debuggers work.


          For example, for the various JLink probles, the max target interface and the max SPI interface speeds are mentioned at this link: https://www.segger.com/products/debug-probes/j-link/models/model-overview/


          Based on the settings you have chosen, the programming is slower or faster.


          This applies to Miniprog3 as well. For the Miniprog3 the clock speeds can be set in the PSoC Programmer as shown below:



          This doesn't mean that you can use the max setting for programming the PSoC. Please note that the clock speed of the debugger must be less than 3 times at which the bus clock of the PSoC operates. So, based on the PSoC bus clock operating speed, you need to find the optimum setting.




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            I used J-link by 4MHz Clock, Because it is currently being evaluated whether to buy MiniProg3.

            if use 3MHz by MiniProg3 with Full Data(128KB),How many times was it take?

            I can’t wait to receive the MiniProg3 for testing speed


            Thank you, I noted my chip, max speed is 12MHz

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              In addition to the SPI communication speed, please note that the the programming speed is also limited by the USB speed of J-Link (if a Full-Speed or Hi-Speed based J-Link is used) and the maximum programming speed of the flash itself.


              The SWD Specifications for your particular device are as shown below:


              The timing specifications for this device can be found in the programming specification:



              The flash specification is as follows:



              Also take into consideration the duration of the internal reset  are (<1 ms) and boot code (<4 ms) approximately depending on the CPU clock speed.


              So, the programming speed is dependent on all these factors and it is not straightforward to calculate how much time it might take based on just the size of the code. It would be easier to use the debugger configured for the same SWDCLK speed and checking how fast the programming occurs.




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