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    debug app workspace


                 the  bootloader  is  app0 ,  the  user program is  app1.  I  want to used   pSoC Creator  4.2   debug  app1。How to do?

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          In the PSoC Creator bootloader system, the bootloader project executes first and then the bootloadable project. The jump from the bootloader to the bootloadable project is done through a software controlled device reset. This resets the debugger interface, which means that the bootloadable project cannot be run in debugger mode.


          To debug a bootloadable project, convert it to Application Type project (disable or remove bootlodable component in topdesign), debug it, and then convert it back to Bootloadable Type project after debugging is done. Another option is to program the Bootloadable project .hex file onto the device and then use the "Debug-->Attach to running target "option for debugging, while the bootloadable project is running. In this case, you can debug the bootloadable project only from the point where debugger is attached to the device.


          也就是说要么把 bootlodable 工程先转成普通工程(禁止 top design 中的 bootlodable 组件,在组件 build in 表单中把两个复选框都勾上),做完 debug 之后在转成 bootlodable 工程;要么使用 Attach to running target 功能,使用这个方式进入 debug 时CPU不会复位,所以可以对 bootlodable 工程进行 debug, 但是debug的起始位置不确定, CPU 在你点击 Attach to running target 时在 bootlodable 工程中跑到哪个位置,你进入debug 之后就从哪里开始 debug。

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